Using Hypnosis For Migraine Relief

Recently I had a mild migraine.

You know those pesky ones that you think you can just fight through the pain instead of taking medicine. Instead you end up wasting time because it still hurts too much to focus and be productive. So after a wasted day you end up taking your medicine anyway.

Luckily this one day was not a complete waste because instead of taking my medicine I decided to finally try hypnosis for a bit of migraine relief.

I had researched it before and found that there really was not much research or evidence that hypnosis helps migraines. The one study I looked at studied multiple types of chronic pain, and it was tension headaches they looked at and not migraines.

Due to the lack of research it left me with one way to find out if hypnosis would work for pain relief- to try it!

I found a site that sells downloadable hypnosis tracks and laid down with my headphones to give it a try.

Here is what I discovered that day (and many other times since the first that I have repeated my experiment.)

It does not completely relieve migraines.

I believe this is because migraines are not made up, even though many believe this. Instead it really is our brain operating in a different manner.

Thus hypnosis cannot physically alter the brain. What hypnosis does it put us in a relaxed state where we can take suggestions easier and relax better.

This relaxed state is where hypnosis has helped me. I get stressed and unable to relax when I have a migraine. Hypnosis is a great way to relax and take your mind off of the pain.

Now I either use the recording when I am stressed and don’t want to trigger a stress migraine.  Or I use it after I take my medicine and lay down to help me relax and let the medicine do it’s work!

If you are interested in trying it yourself here is the download that I used: Hypnosis Downloads Get Rid of Migraines.

I would love to hear your experiences with hypnosis for your migraines.  Have you tried it? Did it work?