Migraine Relief: Do Ice Packs Really Work

inding migraine relief can feel overwhelming.

Everyone has a different take on what works and why you are getting migraines in the first place.

Add on top of that the fact that every migraine sufferer is different and you are faced with confusion, frustration and lots of wasted time trying to figure out what works.

A common recommendation is to try ice packs.

So do they work?

In my experience they do not relieve migraine pain.  What they do manage to do is reduce the pain while medication can begin to work.

The reduction in pain can be enough to calm me down and allow me to drift off to sleep.

This is in line with what most doctors I have talked to said.  Ice can numb the pain thus reducing the severity, but for a full blown migraine they will not eliminate the pain.

In order to get the benefits of the cooling relief, you do not need to buy one of the “special” ice packs.  Any ice pack will work.

I personally use Thera Pearl ice packs because they tend to be more flexible than the others.  The biggest draw back on this brand is they seem to break faster than others.  I have found a knock off at Walgreens that is cheaper and works the same.

I keep four of them in my freezer at all times, so that after it warms up I have another one ready to go!

I have not had luck with the disposable ones that are supposed to stick to your forehead.  They don’t stick properly and don’t get as cold as my regular ice packs do.

Do ice packs relieve migraines for you?  Do they reduce the pain?