Tools for a Migraine Diary: What to Track and How to Track Them

The real key to being able to manage migraines is to understand what is causing them and how they act when you actually have one.  Once we know why they occur and what it takes to get rid of one we can work towards eliminating those triggers.  I have talked before about how I used an excel sheet to figure out my migraine triggers.  That is only one way of tracking your day and your migraines in order to discover your triggers.

Following are some ideas to help get you going and a PDF download to get you started today.

What to Track in Your Migraine Diary:

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Supplements
  • Sleep
  • When a migraine started
  • When the migraine ended
  • What you did to treat the migraine
  • Illness
  • Women’s Cycle
  • Stress related items – presentations, travel, holidays, etc.
  • Anything you think might shed more light on why you are getting migraines.

What You Can Use for a Migraine Diary:

  • Excel Sheet – set up a workbook that has a tab for each of the items that you want to track.
  • Journal – a simple spiral bound journal that you can put a date on the top of the page and track everything.
  • Daily Appointment Book – great for keeping everything on one day, if you get one that has a whole week in one view you will get a very visual idea of what is going on.
  • App for your smart phone – I currently use My Fitness Pal to track everything.  While it does not have a space for anything other than food and exercise it does have a notes feature that allows me to jot down when I get a migraine and what I did for it.  This one also has an online option that syncs with the app, so you can get your data in more than one format.