How to Prevent Migraines on Vacation

Vacations are relaxing and exciting.

Vacations with a migraine pretty much takes away the exciting and the relaxing!

So how do you go on vacation, travel the world and get time to relax while keeping the migraines at bay?

While not the easiest thing in the world, it is possible if you do some planning ahead of time.

Here are some of my tricks to keep migraines away.


Try and get the right amount of sleep. This is a multiple step process and includes:

  • Attempt to avoid early and late flights.  Nothing messes with your schedule like catching a 6 AM flight, and schedules are crucial to avoiding migraines.
  • Take an eye mask and ear plugs so that you and block out noise and light.  Having thin walls at a hotel can impact your sleep and cause a migraine.
  • Bring relaxing music with headphones. I use Brain Sync’s Sound sleep, to allow me to relax into quality snooze time.
  • If you are changing time zones you want to immediately adjust to that time you land in. While this might decrease how much you sleep immediately, it will help you adjust quicker and get to a regular schedule.

Food and Drink

This is the time to follow as healthy a diet as possible. Make sure you are avoiding your food triggers. Plus, make sure you are drinking enough water.

Hydration is important to prevent migraines, but it is also important for dealing with other travel issues. Traveling by air will dehydrate you more than on the ground, so bump up your water intake even more if you are flying.

Stay Active

If you need to main some level of physical activity to prevent migraines, then make sure that you still do something.

It does not have to be the exact workout you do at home, but do something. For example, I do get more migraines if I don’t do regular workouts, so while on vacation I take more walks to keep my activity up.   I wear a pedometer to keep track, so I know if I need to go get more movement in!
In addition to staying active, I also make sure I do lots of stretching. When you travel it is easy to get stiff and end up with a migraine due to muscle tension, so take the time to do some stretching after a flight or car ride.

Stay Relaxed

It is easy to stress out over getting a migraine on vacation, then add to that the regular stress that can come from traveling and you end up being one big stress ball! To reduce stress, prepare ahead of time, practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and try to visualize a vacation without pain.
What to do if you can’t avoid a migraine on vacation?

Make sure you are traveling with all your prescriptions and treatment tools. Start managing the pain immediately, so it does not get worse.

How do you prevent migraines while on vacation?