Many times when you are trying to understand your migraines and how to treat them you need to know which tools to focus on and which tools to toss to the side.  Following are tools that I recommend when managing your migraines.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). Please do not spend money unless you feel it’s for something you really need and will help you reach your goals. Also remember to work with your doctor and don’t try anything that could harm your health.



  • Head & Eye Massager – I might look funny when I am using this, but it really does relieve the pain in my head.  Pair this with some of my other migraine treatments and I am good to go! (My father-in -law bought this for me and it is hands down one of my favorite all time gifts!)
  • BrainSync – I have been using these audios for years!  I absolutely love them as a tool to grow, to relax and pray.  For migraines one of my triggers is lack of sleep so when I am struggling I use the Sound Sleep mp3 to ensure I quickly fall asleep.  They also have a healing sleep that is good for relief.  To make it easier to listen while sleeping I use the  sleep phones or kids ear phones!


  • HelloFresh – If you hate cooking but want to eat healthier as a way to control your migraines?  Check out Hello Fresh, for a very reasonable amount of money you can get your meals with the ingredients shipped to you each week.  You just have to cook – no more shopping or worrying about what to eat.