Top 10 Migraine Relief Tools

Migraines ruin the day, even after they are gone!  It makes me feel like crap (that is putting it nicely), and I lose tons of valuable time not to mention the emotional toll it can take.  Unfortunately I have just finished a tough 7 days.

Luckily over the years I have developed some techniques to help me get going.  I am sharing them with you today!  Hopefully one or two will help you.

  1. Take an allergy pill – sometimes my migraines are caused by allergies and unfortunately my allergies are slightly unpredictable so taking my meds sometimes helps.
  1. Take two Excedrin migraine pills – If I catch it early enough these can work, too late and no luck!
  2. Coffee – sometimes it is just a caffeine influx that is needed.
  3. Drink Propel – while drinking my coffee I also load up on water choosing propel as it tends to go down faster than plain water.  Sometimes it is a need for hydration. (I realize that number three does not help number four, but you never know what the cure for the migraine is going to be, thus I do them at the same time!)
  4. Eat a big meal – sometimes busting calorie requirements is needed as hunger is another one of my migraine triggers.
  5. Place a heat wrap on my neck to loosen the muscles and cold eye mask on my forehead.  (Yes I look funny, but not as funny as I do in number nine.)
  6. Fountain soda Coke -I don’t know what it is about the fountain soda Coke, but it seems to work.  I have tried Diet Coke and Pepsi – but no go, must be the Coke.  (I have friends who also get migraines and this works for them too!)
  7. Yoga for Migraines video – lots of neck stretches and opening up the shoulder area!  (I got this at Yoga Today)
  8. My head massager – this is something my father-in-law gave me for Christmas.  At first I was skeptical, but now I am in love with it.  I look silly when it is on and my husband makes fun of me, but it works!
  9. Last but far from least is my Imitrex.  If nothing from above works or I have a busy day and need it to go away quickly I reach for my Imitrex!  Has worked every time but one!