White Noise: Low Cost Natural Migraine Remedy

Most of the time when I have a migraine, I want to be in a dark, quiet and cold room.  However, there is one noise that I don’t mind and in fact it often times can help treat my migraine.  That noise is: White Noise!

White noise is a sound that contains many different frequencies which in effect cancel each other out and other noises around it.  Because of these noise canceling properties, using white noise to help you treat your migraine can do wonders.

Following are some of the benefits that come from using white noise while you have a migraine.

Benefits of White Noise:

  • Helps you block out louder noises that may cause more migraine pain.  For example when you kids are slamming doors, white noise will help minimize the sound from the slamming door.
  • Helps you relax.  Migraines can be stressful, especially when you can’t treat it or have no idea why it happened.  Having something that helps calm you down can help you get rid of that migraine faster.
  • Helps you sleep.  Even if you spend all day in bed with a migraine the sleep is never restful and you end up more tired than you were before.  White noise will help you relax enough to actually fall asleep and can then help you stay asleep so your migraine can go away.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • You want to keep the white noise low.  Research has shown that when it is too loud it cancels out any of the positive benefits and can actually cause more headaches.
  • As with most migraine treatments, not every remedy will work for everyone.

Where to get White Noise

Luckily there are many different ways for you to get white noise, most of them low to no cost.

  • Machine– this is the most expensive way to get white noise, but can be one of the easiest to set up in your bedroom.  They are very similar to a clock radio, but instead of playing the radio it plays pre-recorded sounds.  Range from $17 up to $50 and more.
  • CD’s/Downloads – you can get your white noise on CD’s, downloaded from a website or on itunes.  Then you can have it with you no matter where you are.  This is what I use, so that I always have it even when I am on vacation.  Range from 99 cents to $10.
  • Apps – there are now white noise apps that you can download on to your phone or other device.  Range from free to $4.
  • Websites – you can now find white noise websites that you can just stream for free with the internet.  Just type in free white noise and a few different options will come up.

Go ahead and give white noise a try, it might be just what you need to help you through your next migraine.

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